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What is clipping ?

Strategy is the keywordWith the volume of information that surrounds us, it is difficult to identify and qualify what may be useful or not, which is reliable. When it comes to communication, it is no different.


What is the Clipping ServiceThe clipping system allows you to create a page customized Web, with a set of keywords and topics that are of interest to the organization .


Monitoring the mediaThe Linear team daily operates in manual monitoring of more than 3000 vehicles in Printed media , online, television and radio .

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Acompanhe um retorno analítico da sua organização
Information Analysis

With methodology and specific system Linear conducts surveys and systematic consolidation of data and values ​​of the news , obtaining a match to the advertising value with mentions of your organization in mídia.Os services are commonly used for communications professionals and media in presentation of your weekly or monthly results.

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Strategic Monitoring

We add the media monitoring with strategic information packed according to customer specifications .

This strategic intelligence is important to determine what is being published on the organization itself, its brand, or an issue that can affect you.

Information in your hands

The monitoring information is an effective way to track data, information and knowledge that pass through the information systems of organizations.

In the organizational environment the information is considered essential for improving decision-making processes and for directing the activities that support the organizational plans.